So you want to branch into buying luxury items? It makes sense, as we grow older, and reach financial stability, elevating your wardrobe is a worthwhile task. But do you know how to approach luxury purchases in a manner that won’t break the bank or cause that dreaded post-purchase guilt? 

 Make a Wish List

You can start off by creating a running list of all the luxury items you want. This can be game-changing for your spending and shopping habits. Not only does it help you remember what you’re saving for, but it also stops you from buying into fleeting trends. It’s hard to stop yourself from shopping on impulse, especially with social media making you jealous of who has the newest trends that you don’t have.  Instead, the wish list will keep you focused. You can stop yourself from buying into the hype and veer towards more conscious shopping by filling in gaps or replacing items you want to replace. 

Start with Small Leather Goods

If you want a soft launch into the world of luxury purchases, the best starting point is small leather goods. Why? They are useful items that will show you the power of investment pieces as they hold up so well. These are items such as trendy ladies’ wallets, pouches, phone cases and card holders. Essential items that you’ll actually use every day, to prove to you that a larger purchase may be worth it. For things like this, you can try out the bigger designers. So, shop at Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Louboutin as an example.

Always Try it On

Make sure a designer piece fits your height, size, and way of life by trying it on first. You won't believe how different your feelings are about an item in person and online (or on someone else). This is especially true for footwear, wallets, and bags. It seems like buying a handbag is a simple task, right? 

However, until you try on a bag, you will never know how it will fit you. Especially taking into account the weight of the bag, the inner pockets, and other factors. This applies to traditional bags as well, as even the brand's photographs are now heavily edited. It's best to wait a few days before giving something a shot once you finally get around to trying it out. It's a real test to see how useful an item is for you and whether you really want it and it curbs your impulse buying habits too!

Start With a Budget

When you are on a tight budget, indulgence in luxury items can be impulsive and dangerous, so it is essential to have a budget. Before making a commitment, you should know how much you are willing to spend. When it comes to budgeting, It’s smart to put money aside just for your designer purchases. This will force you to avoid dipping into your savings and focus on what you’re buying with less impulse buying. 

 Shop Legitimately

The urge to buy pre-owned and save some money is tempting. But the general rule is if it's not a trusted retailer, or you can’t go and see the item in person, don’t buy it. The internet is not a friendly place and this means that there are more and more people willing to photoshop some images, steal photos or lie to get a quick buck, and unfortunately, it works. If you want a safe, guaranteed investment piece, always buy from the brand itself. If you stick to this rule, you’re less likely to waste money on fakes.